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    Welcome to Growers Hub


What is GrowersHub?

GrowersHub is a web based, local produce sourcing site. It connects small regional growers to larger chain-store buyers. With our hub system, growers can drop off large orders at a hub location to be picked up by the supermarket's backhaul logistics. If you are an interested grower, a chain-store or an institutional buyer, please contact Anthony Pellegrino. If you are a buyer or grower with us already, please login above.

For Buyers


Work Efficiently With Farms

GrowersHub allows you, the buyer, to access over 30 (and growing!) farms in the NY/NE region in one buying session that typically lasts 5-10 minutes.


Find Fresh, Regional Products

Yes, we have corn, green squash & cucumbers… how about regional hot peppers, okra and organic collard greens for your local offering to your customers?

Discover New Producers

Having growers from every area that you have stores in is a great way to support the region that you operate in!


Shop From Multiple Farms

Having more than one or two local growers for your program means lower costs for you and your customers!


For Growers


Market Your Farm Online

The first web-based wholesale produce site linking your farm to major chain buyers in real time.


Get Paid Faster

Direct Store Delivery can be a nightmare for billing and A/R, with the hub system you eliminate hundreds of invoices!

Less Paperwork

Get back to what you do best- Growing! GrowersHub eliminates hundreds of phone calls and time spent chasing customers for orders and payment!



Easily Work With Local Hub

Your hub can help you to find other ways to market your products into the region, and help to get it there as well!